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Marc DEVILLE and George FOY propose to you many kinds of exploitation and realization, of the exhibitions Sets of themes of enamelled PHOTOGRAPHS of MUSIC and of SOUNDS of a great originality, since 1987. This site presents a summary of our work resulting from our RESEARCH laboratories in activities since 1981. Our creations here evoked are known by thousands of people in Europa, within the framework of our exhibitions organized to the centres of large cities like Paris, Montpellier, Waleim, Berlin, London, Amsterdam and more...A great part of our work also found theirs places on the ogee mouldings of small cities and villages such as Abriès, Gap, Greenhouse-knight, St Paul the Three Castles, Briançon, Mèze and well of others in Europa. Each photograph, each minute of sound required of the artists very large availability, to put in symbiosis two forms of expressions quite different such as the fixed image and the sound. Certain work did not see it day that several years after their investigations

Les +++PLUS+++ des auteurs Les CARNAVALS ANTILLAIS

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CONTENTS OF THE exhibitions

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"SIGNATURES DU VENT" ("SIGNATURES OF WIND"), is an celebration of the wind, the elementary force of the Titans, soft emotions, the storm couroux or the impulses, which harmonize and direct the life of our world on water, through clouds, on snow and sand. The"SIGNATURES OF the WIND "is a thematic expo creates by Marc Deville and George Foy on 40 photographic pullings co lor, with the size 50x75cm (Either 50 met ers linear of exposion) of .The music create by George on 10 different topics from the wind, one total duration posts from 90 minutes. It is entitled "Sirenne of Wind-Have"(on clik skip the sound page)

"CHARME ET POESIE DES MONTAGNES" ("CHARM and POETRY of the MOUNTAINS"): Raised terrestrial to thousands of met ers of height, sculptural power of the light of the morning, rhythmic writing of the tops, physiognomical play of the clouds and calms one evening,where languorous forms harmonize the twilight heat of the col ors. The thematic exhibition "CHARMES & POETRY of MONTAGNES", carried out in the department of the HIGH ALPS,is registered like very first work of photographic and musical symbiosis creates at the beginning of the years 1980 by the artists Marc DEVILLE and George FOY.(On clik skip the sond page )

"EXPO COSMIQUE" ("COSMIC EXPO") is a tra vel in an imaginary universe. It is also a tra vel in the vertiginous mystery of the infinite bench of the world. "COSMIC EXPO"is presented through 34 photographs col or at the size 50x70cm. Here, not need for computer "EXPO COSMIQUE" is of a purely analogical design.

"MURUMURES DES CLACES" ("MURMURS OF THE ICES"), is a series of 55 stereotypes to the dimentions 50x70cm. The work of Marc Deville plunges in the life of a secret world aucoor of the mountains.In the white silence of the ices creates for itself a transitory nature, facinante in its reflections of lights, exciting by the sensual texture of its forms silver plated. "MURMURS OF THE ICES" they is also the tragic moments of a gigantic liquid transmutation

"LES OISEAUX" ("THE BIRDS") is a photographic exhibition of 40 photographs col or, format 30x40cm, signed MARC DEVILLE. The spectator finds through these birds, the symbols of the spiritual search and freedom

"CARAÏBES" ("the CARIBBEAN"),is a small series "of photographic impressions" taken in Lesser Antilles. "the CARIBBEAN" takes the form a notebook of voyage, enters graphics, feelings personal and postcard. These stereotypes of Marc DEVILLE partly reveal the great diversity of the subjects, that a photographer can to approach under its lattitudes....

The trans oceanic sailing ship "LE SOURIRE DU TAO" ("SMILE OF the TAO"), sponsored by "ANLIA" Associated Artists, sails at sea of the CARIBBEAN since 1999. It receives on its board, five team-members all artists, which sails from December to August, in possesion of a real project cultural realized starting from materials available in Caraibes.Here, no passengers, but an interdependent team, who likes also the sea.For your information, direct access at board by by email, vias this link; Subject: TAO informations


In 1979 whereas I intended myself for the studys at hight university and with the drawing enthralling of architectural projects, my brother Piter offered to me in knowledge cause my first camera reflex camera 24x36. Very quickly I added to this material a coloured gelatine panoply,coloured, supplemented by a set of filters ranges. It was my first photographic step: To cant representation objectifies things. I thus gave with my stereotypes emotional width of another world irrel with consonnances however well terrestrial.

Later the success of my first exhibition carried out in the town of Gap with the participation of my brother, had eight month not given me much pretext to continue the study of buildings, in the shade of a big Parisian office.

Whereas in 1980 I learned art in a school from Woulwé St Pierre in Belgium, I undertaken these studies parallel to, realization of a new type of novel photo."Snow Now 8009" is thus the adventure of a mono-skier who, through the snow-covered mountains of one planet remote the dictatorship of "the Empire flees". This one is continued in its slips vertiginous by a spaceship conduit by women soldiers very sexy cavity for the time. Finally, after spectacular combat, these two warlike of the Empire gives up the continuation of the fugitive skier to flee in their turn in cosmos. This photo novel thus raises the question of freedom vis-a-vis to the power material and psychological of the policy.

It is as at the beginning of these years 1980 as I made in a friend, the meeting of the musician George Foy. Its musical work on the insects very as much as my photographs, immediately inspired to us what we could do together on the mountains, centers universe and place of spiritual evocation of almost all them religions.

In 1983, our first work, "Charms and poetry of the Mountains", is a bucolic work .It is for the occasion, the birth of what we called the punt forms of artis tic research "ANTLIA".From this structure were born a whole series from exhibitions which while diverting or in exaltan réalitée objectifies, brought the spectator at the borders of its own imagination.

Thus throughout the years 1980 to 2000, the realization of works "the Signatures of wind", "cosmic Expo" "Murmurs of the ices", "the birds"are remained faithful to the this spirit, because often, the public which comes to see us, likes to use our external stimuli to trav el with its brain , to slacken and to have emotions.

In 1988 I photograph for the advertising folders of the tourist bureau of the valley of Champsaur (department of the high Alps, France) In 1993 I live in the hérault(France) where I exert the trade of correspondent of press for the newspaper of daily information " Midi Libre"(Free Midday).

In 1994 to 1999 I carry out also photographic work for the newspaper and the folders the commune of Mèze (Herault).Also, I realize in 1997 documentary 118 minutes on the inheritance of 12 cities around the Basin of Thau(Herault), while Antlia punctuates my my activities by exhibitions in France and abroad.

In 1999 I leave temporarily France for the Caribbean in the search of new photographic topics.

Today travelling between France and the Caraibbean sea, I gather with Geoges Foy, the components which will build other exhibitions sets of themes